My Trip To Bali Indonesia

Date November 2015
Location Bali, Indonesia
Purpose Mastin Kipp’s Writers Mastermind
Sub-Purpose Write & Finish The Rought Draft Of My Book

For 6 months I’d been saying “I’m going to Bali in November to write my book!” I think I got desensitized to the phrase and it didn’t really start to set in until I was on my way. Right now; a mere 4 days since I left the magical island of Ubud, Bali; it feels somewhat dreamlike. Every day that I wake up in my own home; (thankfully!), I still wonder: “Was it all just a dream?” Yes; it was THAT good. When I was one out of approximately three hundred applicants to be selected to go on Mastin Kipp’s Writer Mastermind in November 2015; I was beyond thrilled. I was finally going to get to write my book (memoir); alongside one of my inspirations. Never, could I have imagined the profound experiences, healing, love, belief, clarity and the soul connections I’d make along the way. This was a personal growth, healing, lifelong sisterhood being born disguised as a “writer’s retreat”. Although, we all did create what we were on a mission to create or created something completely different than what we’d expected; that was just the cherry on top!