Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness

Why is it that when we’re down and out; right in the middle of having our hearts broken we tend to want to close ourselves off?

Why is it that when we’re down and out; right in the middle of having our hearts broken we tend to want to close ourselves off? To our broken heart; this seems like the smartest option. If we don’t open up; we can’t possibly feel this hurt again right? Unfortunately, not particularly. People like us who are innately vulnerable with those we encounter; tend to have amazing connections. The flip side to that is that we can also sustain painful heartbreak and we take rejection really hard. When we show up as our authentic selves and someone takes advantage; we take it all to heart. Depending on the situation; it can be downright scary to show up as authentic you and when someone takes a look at the real you and says “no thank you”; it does some serious damage. It is true that when you can love others so vulnerably; you risk hurting big also. Being vulnerable means that we always show up as our authentic selves; meaning we share real life stories about our real lives; we take the emotional walls down and look for the best in every person we meet. It is incredible when a vulnerable person finds another person who sees our unique ability to connect and decides to nurture the relationship. Conversely; not so amazing when a vulnerable person finds a manipulative or emotional vampire that wants to take full advantage of our openness and willingness to share.

When living an authentic existence; there will be people who will appreciate and nurture us for who we are; in turn, making the most amazing connections with those people. Will there still be times when we want to close ourselves off thinking that is the answer to not feeling the pain? Undeniably. Is that the correct approach? Undeniably not. I urge you to not dare change or mold yourself to fit in with people who are uncomfortable with you being open and authentic. Please do not close off part of who you fundamentally are; it’s the worst thing you could possibly do. Who you are is unique and beautiful and should always be appreciated.

Vulnerability and authenticity can be downright daunting. In fact; it’s likely something most people avoid but I think that’s all wrong. No matter what situation you are in; please be you; the real you. This will help ensure that the right people will be attracted into your life and will stay. If you are molding yourself into something you’re not or perhaps making yourself smaller than you really are; that’s not authentic. That will ensure that all the wrong people are attracted to your life because you are showing them a representation of who you think they want you to be. That is a recipe for disaster. Take off the masks.

Keep opening up and loving and being beautiful you! The right people will appreciate and love you for who you really are. Period.

Love and Light,
Tianna Leigh